The Mousetrap

Some things, while not necessarily ‘tourist traps’ exist purely for the tourist industry. How many New Yorkers visit the top of the Empire State Building?

The Mousetrap is a case in point; a murder mystery by Dame Agatha Christie, set in a country house with the usual selection of suspicious characters. It was first staged in London at the New Ambassadors theater in May 1952 where it ran until until 1974 when it transferred to the St Martin’s theatre.


This constitutes a ‘first run’ of nearly sixty years and nearly 25,000 performances and while thousands of actors and actresses have performed, only one has been heard in every performance – the recorded voice of Dereck Guyler.

Despite its longevity, I have yet to meet a single Brit who has seen it, or has any intention of seeing it.

As such it exists, seemingly in perpetuity, purely as a tourist attraction. But there you go.