Pints and Gallons

While many measurements in the UK have converted to metric scales – most measurements are now in litres, kilogrammes, millimetres and metres the Brits have steadfastly resisted pressure from Europe to ditch the traditional ‘British Pint’.

And I say ‘British Pint’ deliberately, a ‘British’ or ‘Imperial’ (we still hold to these old traditions) Pint’ contains 20 fluid ounces, as opposed to an American Pint which contains 16 fluid ounces. That’s an extra 25%, and should be considered carefully, particularly when considering the potential strengths of British Ales.

And of course a British Gallon, comprising eight pints, is also larger than an American Gallon. That’s small consolation when Brits pay around six dollars for a gallon of petrol (gasoline), but every little helps! Oh, and just to confuse matters, Brits buy their petrol in Litres, but still convert to miles per gallon for comparing car economy.

We also resisted the introduction of Kilometres, distances are still measured in miles.