Mouse Statue

Mouse Statue

London’s smallest statue is located on the corner building of Philpot Lane, Eastcheap, EC3.

Keep your eyes peeled when you’re there because the statue is high above your head and only a couple of inches long.

The tiny statue pictures two mice fighting over a piece of cheese and has been on the building’s wall since the building was built in 1862.

The story behind the statue goes that when the Monument of the Great Fire was being built, two men working on the construction site sat on the top of the monument for lunch break.

The two men were friends, but the trouble started when one of them realised his cheese sandwich was missing and accused his friend of stealing it.

They started a fight over the missing cheese sandwich and during the fight both of the men fell from the 62-metre-high monument and died. Later, it turned out that the cheese sandwich had been stolen by mice living on the construction site.

To commemorate the men, London’s tiniest statue was built and is still there for us to look up and remember the two men who died because of a sandwich.